Overcoming Shopaholic Addiction

woman showing a credit cardBeing a shopaholic, how can this affect your life and maybe destroy it, I show you the damages it can do and how to help you overcome it.

It’s payday (or not) and you just can’t wait to get that cheque in your hand or that money deposited into your bank account so that you can reward yourself for all your hard work with a shopping spree. You really don’t need a new pair of shoes, but you’ll buy one just to fill in the open space on the rack hanging on your closet door.

Does this sound a lot like your shopping habits?

Do you love to shop till you drop?

Splurging occasionally can be a nice treat, but do you spend a dollar every time you have one in your hand?
If your friends refer to you as a shopaholic, maybe it’s time you took a step back and a good look at yourself, your lifestyle and your spending habits.
While it is often glorified in films and music videos, addiction to shopping is very real and its effects are usually not so glorious. Signs Of Addiction

The Damage of Being a Shopaholic

How can your shopping affect your life and the lives of those around you?

Here are a few of the ways it can do its damage:

  • Ruined relationships as a result of your overspending, especially if you borrowed or used a friend or family member’s money to make your purchases.
  • Debt that can take years to pay off.
  • A bad name, literally. Ruining your credit can affect your ability to make more important purchases later in life.
  • Feelings of guilt and worthlessness, because you can’t buy true happiness and all of your purchases are temporary “pick-me-ups”.

Overcoming Addiction to Shopping

How do you stop the urge to shop before it drops greater damage on your life?

After accepting the fact that you are suffering from a very real addiction you can begin overcoming addiction to shopping with these steps:

  • Find a local Debtors Anonymous group and attend its meeting. You’ll get support and learn how to avoid overspending and get out of debt, overcoming addiction is the only way to beat this, if you don’t you are going to go deeper and deeper into debt.
  • Get rid of credit cards and make purchases with a debit card or cheque; using forms of payment that immediately withdrawal money from a linked account decreases compulsive buying.
  • Only shop with a shopping list, so you have specific purchases to make and can seek out those items as soon as you arrive at a store.
  • Only window shop after store hours, that way you can sleep on it if you see something you think you want to purchase.
  • Carry a certain amount of cash for spending when going shopping and only spend that cash.
  • Avoid watching TV shopping networks or receiving catalogs in the mail.
  • Don’t shop alone; shopping with others has been known to encourage excess shopping, but if you let your fellow shopper know that you are trying to overcome your addiction they can assist you in making smart purchases.
  • Find a hobby to fill the void and relieve stress; exercise, volunteer or take walks.
  • Don’t ignore your debt; come up with a plan to repair and repay, ignoring your debt will only cause things to worsen and you will never free of your addiction.

We lost our family business and went bankrupt, I learnt so much, my whole way of thinking changed and I got back to basics – I talk more about this in my book Overcoming Life’s Challenges One thing I have learnt, I never run from my creditors.

In this economic times, I have read about so many suicides, so think before you overspend

Shopping can be fun and we all have to shop for one thing or another from time to time.

Learning to shop and spend smart is key to your recovery of overcoming addiction to shopping.

Now go buy yourself a new life!

Overcoming Shopaholic Addiction Quote By George A. Sheehan

We may think there is willpower involved, but more likely, change is due to want power. Wanting the new addiction more than the old one. Wanting the new me in preference to the person I am now.

George A. Sheehan

Overcoming Life’s Challenges

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