Internet Addiction Treatment

internet addictHere I show you some easy to follow internet addiction treatments because Addiction to internet can cause damage, and take you away from enjoying life.

It’s a slow day at the work place, so you decide there’s no harm in checking your email.

When the pace doesn’t seem to pick up, you decide that there’s no harm in entering a chat room to partake in some random conversation.

As the time passes, you lose track of it and are startled when a customer appears in front of you, and they’ve been standing there for a couple of minutes!  

Hopefully, you haven’t had that exact experience, or even worse, a boss catching you using the internet.

In this age of technology, we utilize computers themselves to get much of our daily tasks at both work and home accomplished.

The internet has made getting those tasks accomplished even easier.

The internet is also a means of fun and finding resources.

We work, find love, friends, and entertainment via the internet as well.

Too much of any good thing can be bad, and the same holds true of internet usage.

If you find yourself stuck to your computer chair, seeing more of a screen than what’s beyond your screen door, you may be dealing with an addiction to internet. Signs Of Addiction

The Damage of Internet Addiction

An internet addiction won’t rot your teeth out or cause scarring, but it can certainly cause damage to you and limit your life experiences.

Here’s how:

Loss of employment – if you are continually caught utilizing the internet at a workplace, you could eventually lose your job.

Loss of friends and family – relationships require nurturing, if you fail to nurture them you may lose them. In many cases, internet addictions lead to affairs, which obviously ruin long term relationships and marriages.

Fatigue – when you stay up all night on the computer, you will lack energy from day to day.

Head and back aches – staring at a computer screen while sitting in a computer chair for extended periods of time equals reoccurring head and backaches.

Other addictions – like most addictions, addiction to internet can lead to others; including general computer addiction, pornography and drug and alcohol addictions.

Internet Addiction Treatment

Recovery from any addiction requires that you first admit to your addiction and need for recovery from it, so then you can start the overcoming addiction journey

Don’t down play your addiction to internet; here are a few steps you should take to figure out how to cure internet addiction:

  • Find a support group and connect with others who know what you are going through and can offer assistance.
  • Find a hobby to occupy your time; reading, bike riding and any other activities that you can do offline are good ideas.
  • Get in the habit of calling or visiting friends you would normally email or chat with.
  • Set aside specific times and lengths of time to use the internet; commit to checking your email and accomplishing any other online tasks in the specified time, use an egg timer if necessary and log off when the alarm sounds.
  • Delete sites stored in your bookmark tab, keeping only those of great importance and not utilized for mere entertainment.
  • Do not accept internet services as a part of your cell phone plan.
  • Seek counseling; a behavioral counselor can help you understand why you are addicted to the internet and help you to make changes necessary for a healthy lifestyle.

You may have thought that there was no internet addiction treatment, with the internet being so accessible; but through commitment to recovery, you can shut down your addiction to internet.

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Addiction to Internet Quote By Mark Hamilton

I guess it’s better than having a crack habit – on having an internet addiction!

Mark Hamilton

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