How To Fight Sex Addiction

couple having sexHow to fight sex addiction, is something you think you wouldn’t want to do, but it can become unsafe and unhealthy, I show you how, and how to fight it.

Sex is an enjoyable act when shared between two responsible adults who hopefully are well acquainted with one another, and share mutual feelings for each other.

Sex is everywhere; it’s in magazines, movies and in songs. It’s a favorite activity of many, and rightfully so, but when you find that it’s on your mind too often and being acted out through masturbation or casual sex on a constant basis, you could be suffering from sex addiction.

Sex addiction affects a wide range of people, from different ethnic backgrounds and of different ages.
An overexposure to sex and sexual behaviors via television, movies, magazines, internet websites, music videos and the real world has been blamed for the addiction that is affecting many young people in addiction to adults.
Single or married, gay or straight, you can acquire an addiction to sex. In a world that blurs the lines between normal, healthy sexuality and unhealthy dangerous sexual behaviors, it can be difficult to tell if you have a sex addiction and require help. Signs Of Addiction

The Damage of Sex Addiction

How can an act as wonderful and enjoyable as sex harm you?

When unsafe and unhealthy sexual behavior comes into play, the wonderful act of sex can be one of the most disastrous.

A few of the ways in which sexual addiction damages the addict’s life are:

  • Lowered self esteem
  • Loss of family and friends – many personal relationships have been ruined as a result of sex addiction; the hurt, shame and loss of trust tears apart families and friendships.
  • Wasted funds – money spent of prostitutes, mistresses, hotel rooms and subscriptions to pornographic websites or magazines can take a chunk out of your bank account.
  • STDs.
  • Violent and lewd sex acts – some suffers of sex addiction turn to even more dangerous and unlawful sexual acts if recovery is not sought.

How To Fight Sex Addiction and Overcome That Addiction To Sex

Admitting that you have an addiction, an uncontrollable preoccupation with sex and need recovery is the first step in the right direction.

Here are a few other steps to take on how to fight sex addiction:

  • Find your local SAA (Sex Addicts Anonymous) and get the support and guidance you need throughout your recovery.
  • Ask for the support of friends and family, especially a spouse; ask for forgiveness if necessary.
  • Go to behavioral counseling – a behavioral counseling specialist can help you to identify those traits within yourself that allowed your sex addiction to form and escalate so that you can work on eliminating or changing them.
  • Break off contact with any casual sex partners or prostitutes you were seeing.
  • Maintain your health – if you haven’t already, get tested for all STDs and work on improving your mental health by building up your self esteem.

Through commitment to recovery and a healthy lifestyle, you can come to fully enjoy your sexuality and sex life.

How To Fight Sex Addiction Quote By Ken Hensley

It is hard to understand addiction unless you have experienced it.

Ken Hensley

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