Exercise Addiction - How to Overcome It?

exercising hardExercise addiction is hard to believe but you can be addicted, here I show you what damage it can cause.

Exercise is great for the mind, spirit, and obviously the body.

But what happens when you over exert yourself and exercise too much and too often?

An addiction to exercise may develop.

Exercise addiction is very real, although it is less common than other addictions, simply because so many people fail to exercise at all.

For the individuals who are health conscience or aim to be, there is always a risk of becoming addicted.

If you were unhappy with your weight or any other physicality you might become extremely excited about the results exercising produced and strive to get even better results.

Or maybe you are the competitive type and the physical improvements seen in a friend as a result of exercising have led you to work yourself even more vigorously in your own exercise routine.

Either way, what starts out as a healthy habit can easily become an unhealthy one dampened by addiction. Signs Of Addiction

The Damage of Addiction to Exercise

If you don’t go about exercising in a healthy way, an addiction can result, and the results aren’t pretty.

Here are a few ways in which exercise addiction does its damage to the addict:

  • Lower self esteem when goals of weight gain or loss are not met.
  • Issues in personal relationships due to a lack of time to connect because of time consuming exercise routines.
  • Severe injuries.
  • Respiratory problems.
  • Heart attacks.
  • Addiction to other means of weight loss or gain (such as pills and steroids).

Overcoming Exercise Addiction 

Once you’ve accepted that you are not the average exerciser and are suffering from an addiction, you can begin to make healthy choices and get on track towards recovery and true well being:

Ask for the support of loved ones and seek out a support group for addicts.

Get behavioral counseling; a behavioral counseling expert will be able to help you recognize those traits within you that prompted your addiction to exercise.

Reconnect with friends who don’t frequent the gym; it will help you get back into old routines, the same ones you enjoyed before you were addicted to exercising.

Pick up new hobbies.

Practice healthy eating, but allow yourself to enjoy all foods in moderation.

Do not abruptly stop exercising, instead seek the help of a personal trainer and dietitian to create a healthy exercise plan for you.

When you put as much effort into working out a recovery as you did into working out itself, overcoming exercise addiction will happen for you!.

Yes, I was once addicted to exercise.

I would walk for an hour and half every day no matter what the weather was like.

Thinking back on it people looking at me must have thought I was nuts, as it would be pouring with rain and here I was in my rain wear, hat, jacket and pants power walking down the street. I finally realized I had a problem when Rob (my husband) and I were having an discussion and were trying to sort it out and I wanted to go for my walk.

I was getting really agitated as I had to go and walk, Rob said, you would rather go for your walk than try and sort this out. And yes all I could think of was walking

What broke that addiction, I fell down a waterfall and twisted my ankle, I broke the habit – I talk more about this in my book Overcoming Life’s Challenges here I share with you how I overcame my many addictions.

Overcoming Addiction To Exercise Quote

Determine that the thing can and shall be done, and then we shall find the way.

Abraham Lincoln

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