Overcoming Chocolate Addiction

Girl eating a chocolate cakeThis article of Overcoming Chocolate Addiction shows you how to overcome an addiction that just seems quite innocent, but is it.

Chocolate has been a well loved confection for centuries.

There is hardly an occasion you where chocolate couldn’t serve as an appropriate gift.

It’s linked with holidays.

It has even been romanticized!

What is it about chocolate that has caused its unfaltering popularity?

Well, it certainly does make you feel better and it isn’t all in your head.

Chocolate contains endorphins and other opiates that reduce stress and create feelings of euphoria.

So, you truly can get a “high” from the consumption of chocolate.

If you’re like most people, you love a good box or bar of chocolate.

On occasion.

When the occasion becomes every day, you may be dealing with a chocolate addiction.

It is just as real as any other addiction and requires attention, so overcoming addiction to chocolate is so important to achieve recovery.

There is such a thing as death by chocolate, only it is a metaphorical death of your health and well being. Signs Of Addiction

The Damage of Chocolate

An addiction to chocolate has a way of creeping into your life, looking like a friend when it is in fact an enemy and doing its damage, just the same as any addiction.

A few of the ways in which chocolate addiction does its damage are:

  • Obesity
  • Poor dental health.
  • Heart palpitations caused by the caffeine chocolate contains.
  • Fatigue after energetic highs.
  • Diabetes.
  • Poor Complexion.

Overcoming Addiction To Chocolate

Admittance to your chocolate addiction is an absolute must before you begin your recovery from it. You must make a genuine effort to beat your addiction.

Here are a few tips to help get you on your way to overcoming addiction to chocolate:

  • Stop justifying your chocolate abuse; often, chocoholics tell themselves their abuse of the sweet is okay, “I’ve had a bad day, I deserve this!” Sound familiar?. I use to do this all the time, it was my comfort, my reward.
  • Switch to healthier snacks that give you a real feel good feeling that lasts and betters your health (veggies, granola, yogurts and fruit). Once I was able to get rid of my sweet tooth I found I didn’t crave that bit of chocolate anymore, I knew it was bad for me and in my mind I thought if I eat it I will feel sick and I didn’t want to feel sick.
  • Don’t try to replace your regular chocolate with so called “healthy” chocolates. Sugar free, fat free and low calorie chocolates will only cause you to crave the chocolate you are used to eating and you won’t truly break free of your addiction.
  • Ask lovers, friends and family members who would normally purchase chocolates for you not to do so.
  • Exercise, it will curb cravings and help you drop what the chocolate helped you gain.
  • Get support, there are many groups out there. Online and on location – find them!.

Realize that there are certainly benefits to chocolate consumption (dark chocolate has antioxidants and is said to lower blood pressure and cholesterol), but too much of anything is bad.

Overcoming addiction to chocolate, which you will do so you will be able to take a bite out of the confection and savor it without having it take a bite out of your life.

For me,it went back to my lonely childhood, I had a really sweet tooth, years later I realized I had the sweet tooth because I was trying to sweeten myself so I would be loved – I talk more about this in my book Overcoming Life’s Challenges here I share with you how I overcame my sweet tooth.

Overcoming Chocolate Addiction Quote By Unknown

Exercise is a dirty word, every time I hear it I wash my mouth out with chocolate.


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