Overcoming Addiction To Pornography

watching porn on mobile phoneAddiction to Pornography can lead to serious consequences for the addict, so it is imperative that you get help with pornography addiction.

Pornography, or indecent pictures as the old Greek terminology implies, has been around in many forms for the greater half of human history.

It was first painted on rocks and walls in ancient times and later appeared in print manuals such as the Kama Sutra and then in art pieces and eventually led to the magazine and video industry of adult entertainment.

When technology progressed, so did the availability and popularity of pornography.Making it more accessible, more seemingly irresistible and giving birth to the pornography addiction.

Many people enjoy watching pornography.

They use it to sexually satisfy themselves during a dry spell from relationships and sexual partners.

They incorporate pornography into their relationships, learning different sex positions and techniques from the stars of these sexual shows.

It’s when you find yourself being preoccupied with pornography that an addiction may be presenting itself in your life.

How often do you view pornography and why do you view it?

Do you know professional porn stars by name and perhaps even have a favorite actor or actress?

Answering yourself these questions and giving honest answers can help you determine if you need help with pornography addiction.

There are other signs to consider as well. Signs Of Addiction

Damages of Addiction to Pornography

This Addiction can lead to serious consequences for the addict.

Here are the most prominent means by which it achieves ruining a life:

  • A distorted view of sexuality.
  • Perversion.
  • An inability or difficulty getting or maintaining an erection with an actual sex partner.
  • Chronic feelings of shame.
  • Loss of relationships.
  • Loss of employment.

Overcoming Addiction to Pornography

This addiction is very real and it requires you to seek recovery just the same as any other form of addiction.

Accept that you need help, and utilize these tips towards getting that help to overcoming your addiction:

Find a support group to connect with others suffering this addiction.

Ask friends and family for their support; come clean to them about your addiction and ask for forgiveness if necessary.

Unsubscribe to any pornography magazines or websites with which you hold a membership.

Delete pornographic sites from your favorites or bookmarked sites tab and protect yourself by blocking those sites by changing your computer or Internets settings.

Give any pornographic videos or magazines in your possession to a trusted friend or family member and ask them to dispose of them for you.

Seek counseling from a behavior therapist who can assist you in identifying your habit forming personality traits so that you can adjust them.

When you commit to recovery and make conscience decisions to avoid pornographic materials and sustain from using them, overcoming addiction to pornography will be achieved!

Overcoming Life’s Challenges.

Addiction Quote By Patrick J. Kennedy

No one is immune from addiction; it afflicts people of all ages, races, classes, and professions.

Patrick J. Kennedy

Overcoming Life’s Challenges

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