9 Inspiring Affirmations for Weight Loss

Affirmations for Weight Loss By Moya Mulvay

I am Healthy and Full of Energy

Weight Loss Affirmations

When you are struggling with weight loss, achieving your ideal weight can seem like an impossible task.

Affirmations for weight loss can help you prepare for weight loss and keep you in check throughout the process.

With a healthy eating and exercise plan in order, all that is needed is the power of positive thinking!

“I Make Healthy Eating Choices “

Making healthy eating choices is a large part of weight loss achievement. This affirmation for weight loss helps you to remind yourself that you are to be making these types of eating choices.

You put healthy foods into your body because they work for it, not against it and they make you healthy too!

“I Enjoy Exercise and Appreciate What it Does For My Body”

Exercise is yet another weight loss essential. You exercise because you want to lose weight, it matters to you. You know it will help you drop the pounds, feel good and look good. You don’t think of it as a task, you make time for exercise because it rewards your body.

“I am Healthy and Full of Energy” 

Even before you begin to feel and see the results of your exercise and healthy eating, verbally reassure yourself of the benefits you’ll reap. As you progress in your weight loss journey, you will be healthier, you are being healthy now and you have massive amounts of energy.

“Weight Loss is Easy and Effortless for Me”

Weight loss takes time, and for many people (especially those who crave instant gratification) this fact can be intimidating and discouraging. When you go into your weight loss plan believing it will be easy and effortless it will be more so for you.

“I Do Not Over Eat. I Leave Food on My Plate When I am Full”

A common struggle for those desiring to lose weight is avoiding overeating. Make a conscious decision to stop eating when your body tells you it is full. Listening to it will be easier when you listen to this simple tried and true phrase.

“I Practice Good Portion Control”

Overeating can be overall avoided through the practice of good portion control at meal times. Before each meal, whether at home or dining out, reinforce the fact that you make good choices when it comes to portion control and cut meals in half before you begin to eat.

“Body Fat Falls Off of Me Fast”

When you convince yourself that weight loss is easy and effortless for you, this weight loss affirmation can accompany those truths.

The more you take care of yourself, make wise eating choices and exercise regularly, the body fat will fall off of you fast!

“I Maintain a Healthy Weight”

As you begin to see your body transform into the body you have wanted, appreciate it and declare that it is yours and you intend to keep it. You’ve worked hard to lose any amount of weight you have lost and to ultimately reach your ideal weight. Affirm that you will maintain your healthy weight.

“My Body is Beautiful, and it is More Beautiful Each Day”

This weight loss affirmation is the most important to hold in mind. Undoubtedly you will be happier with your healthier self, but remember to love the body that belongs to you right now. It is beautiful, and it is becoming more beautiful each day!

Affirmations for Weight Loss by Lee Iacocca

You’ve got to say, I think that if I keep working at this and want it badly enough I can have it. It’s called perseverance.

Lee Iacocca

Overcoming Life’s Challenges

The Inspiring and Empowering Story of One Woman’s Triumph Over Alcoholism, Bankruptcy, weight issues and Despair.

She did not just struggle to survive. She struggled to win!

If a single sentence could sufficiently describe a lifetime, then this would be an apt description of Moya’s life. From a privileged childhood to adulthood of bankruptcies and subsequent salvation, Moya weathered all storms to be where she is now—a fulfilled woman with a story to tell.


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