8 Stop Smoking Affirmations

Stop Smoking Affirmations By Moya Mulvay

Being a Non Smoker Comes Naturally to Me

Stop Smoking Affirmations

Smoking is a bad habit that many struggle to break.

It leaves them with health problems and less money in the bank.

Some people require the use of patches and chewing gums to bring their smoking to an end.

Others can quit cold turkey.

Whichever the case for you, incorporating the use of these simple stop smoking affirmations into your plan will make the road to recovery a bit less bumpy.

“I Gain the Strength of Every Temptation I Resist”

When you overcome an addiction you reverse roles. It no longer has a hold on you and your life. You gain the strength it once had and you use it against it to your own advantage. No one likes feeling like a slave to an addiction of any kind; you are buying back your freedom with each cigarette you resist.

“I Enjoy Breathing Clean, Fresh Air”

Fresh air is everywhere when you stop and take a whiff of it. Now that you have decided to stop smoking you can truly enjoy breathing that air and you are contributing to its cleanliness.

“Being a Non Smoker Comes Naturally to Me”

None of us are born with our addictions. We gave birth to them at some point in our lives when we decided to pick up the bad habit. Realize with this affirmation to stop smoking, that no matter how long you have been smoking you were not born a smoker and therefore, being a non smoker comes naturally to you if you allow it to.

“I am Being a Better Role Model”

Do you have small children or teenagers? Maybe you babysit for someone else’s child? Either way, kids pick up on the good and bad qualities and lifestyles of the adults in their lives. You are not only making a good choice for you when you quit smoking, but you are being a better role model for the youngsters in your life.

“I Want to Live a Long and Healthful Life”

Remind yourself why you decided to stop smoking with this simple affirmation. You increase your good health and therefore higher your chances of living a long and health problem free life. Who could ask for more?

“I Take Good Care of My Body”

Smoking ruins your body. It has exterior effects that may take years to show, but when you think of the damage it was doing to your insides you decide that you want to take good care of your body. It is the only one you’ve got, and smoking isn’t the way to go if you want to ensure that it is up to par.

“Nobody Smokes Anymore, and Neither Do I”

Of course there are still too many smokers in the world, but with all of the campaigns set up to expose the harms of smoking today, you have decided to jump on the band wagon. Smoking is no longer the cool thing to do. No one smokes these days, and now you don’t either.

“I Will Avoid Smoking Temptations”

Every day is a part of your process to stop smoking. Make conscious efforts to avoid people and places where smoking will occur. Use these stop smoking affirmations as you begin each day and whenever you feel the urge to smoke. The urge will leave you and it will eventually go away completely.

Stop Smoking Affirmations By an Anonymous Smoker

If people don’t love themselves enough to cut down on their smoking, they may love someone else enough to do it.

Anonymous Smoker

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