How To Attract Abundance

How To Attract Abundance Quote By Wayne Dyer

Abundance is not something we acquire.
It is something we tune into. 

When you learn how to attract abundance you get the things you want out of life.

Do you crave a life full of abundance?

how to attract abundanceOne in which you feel you have truly succeeded in every area of your life and have all you want and anything you need is provided for you?

Well, you can set yourself up for this kind of greatness.

Could you be blocking good things from entering your life freely?

Perhaps it’s the way you are thinking (oh, the powers of negative thinking!) or possibly, you just don’t know where to start so you have yet to try and live an abundant life.

Read on to begin your journey on how to attract abundance -starting now!

What is Abundance?

Abundance is an over sufficient quantity.

In a world where the majority of us are struggling to make ends meet and experiencing less than satisfactory personal and business relationships it is difficult to picture having more than enough of anything.

Some are barely getting by.

Some have much in one area of their lives but are lacking in others.

When you discover the simple ways on how to attract abundance, you will find balance and you’ll have the opportunity to experience firsthand the meaning of “my cup runneth over”.

How to Attract Abundance with Ease

It may sound too good to be true, having all you need and desire in every area of your life.

However, it is simple to obtain.

Does it require hard work?




Here are some tips to help you attract abundance that you can start applying to your life today: 

    • Commit to Change –Any kind of change we want to make and truly want to see happen in our lives requires commitment.

Right from the moment you decide to make a change you have to be prepared to alter the way you once did certain things and make room for the new way of doing them.

The second step to attracting abundance is so easy you don’t need to purchase anything or do much other than change your thinking, but you’ll soon find that that is not always an easy task.

You’ll have to commit to the new way of thinking, quickly shut off negative thoughts as they invade your mind and continue to do so until the negative thoughts become less frequent.

Write down the areas of your life you feel could use some abundance; this will help you to focus.

    • Tune your Mind to a New Setting –After years of thinking by way of the same thought process, don’t be surprised if you find it difficult to stay on a positive thinking track.

However, don’t be discouraged or wallow in the negative thoughts when they flood your mind.

Remember that you alone have full control over your thinking.

Steer your thoughts back to positivity and remind yourself that abundance is being drawn to all areas of your life, right this moment!

Even when you don’t see or feel the changes, which is often the case in the beginning.

    • Affirming your Abundance Don’t just think about your life becoming more abundant, think it aloud!

Affirmations are extremely helpful in changing our thinking. 

Hearing ourselves say something aloud makes it more real.

We begin to truly believe what we are saying and hearing ourselves say, and believing means everything when trying to attract abundance.

Come up with your own affirmations, for example: “I experience abundance in all areas of my life because I am deserving of that abundance.”

Write your affirmations down on index cards, tape them in places you will see them and of course, memorize them eventually.

Say them until you see the changes you have been expecting and modify them when necessary to acknowledge the change.

    • Make your Life a Welcoming Place for Abundance –Thinking and affirming your desire for abundance to flood into your life is an important starting point, but then you must keep up the positive thinking and make alterations to other parts of your life so that they may be in harmony with abundance occurring.

Be receptive, believe that you will receive; and that you will receive more than enough, and in any area of your life you desire to have more in.

Believe in yourself and in the power of a higher power as your ultimate help.

Imagine the whole world is a giving place. 

Rid yourself of people who threaten your positive thinking.

Actively seek abundance in your life also by acting as if every area is already abundant.

Wanting a more abundant love life? 

Put your best foot forward and get out there to meet people.

Wish your business would get off the ground? 

Start talking enthusiastically about it with others. 

Though you need to practice patience, as it can take time for every area of your life to be fully filled, you cannot simply sit around.

Part of making this work for you is putting in the effort and meeting abundance half way, invite it into your life.

When you think an abundance of positive thoughts and affirm those thoughts, all the while putting in the good deeds, you will attract abundance.

The final step for attracting abundance is showing appreciation for it.

Share your wealth with others, whether it’s a financial overflow you experience, or simply joy and love.

Give thanks for what you receive and you will undoubtedly continue to reap the benefits of your positive thinking!

How To Attract Abundance by Eileen Caddy

Expect your every need to be met. Expect the answer to every problem, expect abundance on every level.

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