Affirmation of Love

Affirmation Of Love by Moya Mulvay

All That I Do is Done With Love

Affirmations Of Love

Love is an emotion, an action and a necessity.

We all love and long to be loved.

We give love and not have it returned or we get love and have difficulty accepting it.

There are many types of love, and all of them make us who we are.

Family love, friendships, and relationships.

Are you feeling loved or a little unloved?

These affirmations of love will help you to accept each kind of love as they are presented to you.

“I Deserve Love, I am Worthy of It”

Do you easily accept love? Surely you want to be loved, but do you struggle with feelings of being undeserved?

Know that you deserve to have love in your life, whatever form it comes in. You are a lovable being, and accepting the love that is offered to you will enhance your life.

“I am Creating a Home that is full of Love”

Family life can feel as though it is lacking love. When multiple people live under one roof, sometimes it seems like love isn’t living there after a while. Make a special effort to let those you reside with know that you love them. Even when times or finances are tough and heads are bumping. Believe that you are doing all that you can to create a home full of love.

“I Accept and Love Myself”

This affirmation of love should be first and foremost in your life. Self love is of the utmost importance. How do you feel about you? Recognize your beauty, strengths, talents and qualities. Accept who you are because you must live with yourself and learn to love who you are as others love you!

making heart with hands“Love Activates Happiness”

Love, when it is genuine, truly does activate happiness. We are glowing when we are in romantic love and feeling satisfied when we are loved in general.

With the knowledge of this affirmation of love, encourage yourself to seek out love, because it makes you feel really good!

“I Am Loved By Many; Above All, a Higher Power”

When you are struggling with self loathe, loneliness and the pain that results as a lack of love in our lives, remind yourself that you are loved by someone here on Earth and more importantly by someone watching over it. Believe that a higher power created you out of love and loves you.

“My Lover Loves Me Alone”

Too easily we take romantic relationships for granted or write off others feelings of love towards us. For once, believe what your lover tells you when they say that they only love you. Reinforce it when they are away by reminding yourself that they love you…alone.

“I Am Closer to My Eternal Lover With Each Love Lost”

Romantic love and the many losses suffered can be discouraging. Believe that there is someone out there for you.

They’ll be at the right place at the right time when the right time in both of your lives arrives.

Each lover you lose brings you closer to this eternal lover.

“All That I Do is Done With Love”

Everything feels better and is more readily accepted when it is obviously done out of love. If you really want to be loved, try loving someone. Put love into everything you do for others and it will be returned to you tenfold!

Affirmation Of Love By Arthur Rubinstein

Love life and life will love you back. Love people and they will love you back.

Arthur Rubinstein

Overcoming Life’s Challenges

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She did not just struggle to survive. She struggled to win!

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