How to Unleash Unlimited Mind Power

Success is not all about skills, talent or intelligence. Another ingredient to success that many people fail to recognize is the mindset. Yes, the condition of your mind plays the biggest part in achieving your dreams, be it financial security, better relationships, love life or career.

Many people who are not particularly bright or talented have found success while there are geniuses who are living failures. If you want to be successful in life, you need a winner’s mindset, you need unlimited mind power.

You Lose Because You Think You’d Lose

Most people have a basic understanding of who they are, what they are capable of and what their limitations are. This understanding governs a lot of a person’s decision-making process. When a person is asked, for example to cook something, but his mind tells him he can’t cook, then he will decline. By now you see how mindset affects you.

Think about the things you believe you can’t do, and the opportunities that have been wasted because you don’t even want to try doing them. Sometimes the things you believe about your own capabilities are baseless and wrong and need to be corrected so you can open more opportunities to yourself. The question is how do you do that?

Subliminal Mind Power Techniques

The best way to get rid of the negative mindset is by encoding in your subconscious mind whatever positive mindset you want to replace the negative. For example, if you feel unconfident in making negotiations because you think you are not a good talker, you can use subliminal mind power techniques to make your subconscious understand that you are actually a good speaker, therefore raising your confidence.

The most used subliminal mind power techniques are:

  • Affirmations: write what you want your subconscious to believe and read it everyday until it sticks.
  • Meditation: Set a time and place and sit quietly, filling your mind with positive thoughts about yourself.
  • Visualization: Imagine you have already achieved your goals and your mind will be empowered and encouraged and you will, too.

Unlimited Mind Power is Free

You can do the subliminal mind power techniques by yourself without paying for anything. You simply set aside a time of the day to do your affirmations, visualizations and meditation.

However, there are companies who also make products to make it easier for you to access your mind power. They can be selling music with subliminal messages as affirmations. They can be selling meditation guides or offer to write effective affirmations. But basically, subliminal mind power techniques are free and so is unlimited mind power.

Don’t Let the Past Rule Your Future

Many of the negative thoughts and beliefs in your subconscious are based on past events. A teacher may have repeatedly told you in your childhood that you are dumb and that somehow got stuck in your subconscious. Maybe you once screwed up your speech and the audience laughed at you so your subconscious became convinced that you are no good at speaking.

You can remove all those negative beliefs you have about yourself, achieve a positive view of yourself and your capabilities, and get that confidence. That is an unlimited mind power.

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Mind Power Quote by Marcus Aurelius

You have power over your mind – not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength. 

– Marcus Aurelius

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