Mastering Your Fate with Power of the Mind Facts

There is something about the mind that has fascinated people all over, from different fields of studies that have made them adamant in learning more power of the mind facts. How it works (i.e. problem solving) and how it just stops working well (i.e. dementia) has been discussed, researched, spoke on, or written in many books, symposia, and classes in every university. As people, we are governed by our mind and the way we perceive and even feel it is affected by what we think.

Want to learn more?

Here is a quick rundown of the power of the mind facts to get you started:

1. The more you load your brain, the more it slows down.

Do you think giving your mind more information is great? Not exactly, in fact, lack of meditation or at least some quiet time can severely affect it. Think of your brain as you would your muscles – without some warm up or cooling down or even rest days, the muscles starts to atrophy or worse, your body starts to experience inflammation to protect it from further damage.

Help your mind by writing down what you are thinking by using the traditional pen and paper. Lists have shown to make the brain retain more information and the very act of writing helps it assess the information better. Also, if you can, read for pleasure in between work and study requirements! Stock up on some really good fiction and escape. Coming back to reality will be more amazing and you will see yourself looking at things in a different, more enlightened way.

2. Pause your mind.

Once you have unloaded the mind, it’s time to clear it. Meditation is not just some hippie practice for New Age practitioners. With today’s hyper connectivity, on 24/7 lifestyle, everyone’s minds are in constant flux on the quest to be connected and in the know. But what do we really show for all this? Nothing more than anxious minds that cannot sleep, which lead to an unhealthy, acidic body.

So do as Headspace co-founder and former Buddhist Andy Puddicombe says: ten minutes a day is all it takes. Take the time to carve out those ten minutes and just be. Your mind and your life will thank you for it. Give yourself the life changing benefits of the power of the pause. Next thing you know, those speaking engagements and writing tasks will be easier and easier to accomplish because your brain is not stretched to the limit.

3. It’s all in the gut.

Eat well! Ever thought why your gut is telling you something somehow correlates to what you actually think? It’s because the gut or stomach has a direct connection to your brain. Having a healthy gut can be achieved by having more vegetables and some cultured microorganisms which help digestion via sources such as high quality yogurt. Also, time to drink up! The brain is 73% water and if you are constantly on the move, sweating can actually be a culprit in your shrinking brain.

So mind your diet to maintain the power of your mind!

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