How to Have a Better and Healthier Life With the Healing Power of the Mind

If you are feeling down and out, it’s time for you to harness the healing power of the mind movement in your life. In essence, it is all about using your thoughts to heal your ailments and cast away illnesses for good. Of course, thinking yourself well is nothing if you do not treat yourself right, but this healing power can truly create a breakthrough in your existence if you let it. It’s about going beyond simply being well to becoming a person who is thriving and is able to accomplish what he or she is set out to do.

Here are some ways to make the healing power of the mind happen to your life on a daily basis:

1. Have a healing mantra.

The healing power of the mind is not just about what you think but also what you say. Having a healing mantra which you will verbalize everyday such as:

  • I am alive and well 
  • My body is a temple and it supports me and my dreams
  • I am healthy 
  • My body is full of good

These words are not too long and not too short – they encapsulate the kind of mindset you want to be in. 

2. Incorporate your mantra with a fitness regimen

What you think and what you do should be in sync. You cannot just simply think your way to a healthy body but you should work for it too. For those with terminal illnesses to begin with, doing simple breathing exercises in the morning is sufficient. Movement exercises that are espoused by the likes of the Alexander Movement or the Feldenkrais Institute provide several exercises which you can do without the need for gym equipment or strenuous movements. In fact, you can immediately begin doing them.
Also, the simple act of stretching is enough to get your blood pumping in the day. What you do is to always say your mantra as you inhale and exhale. You can do eight counts and say for example, ‘I am healthy and well’ as you inhale and say ‘goodbye sicknesses as you exhale. It is very simple, straightforward, and can be done any time of the day, most preferably in the early morning when you are not as haggard or distracted from the day’s work and demands.

3. Think of what you bring in to your body.

Go to The Power Of MindfulnessDo you have medications? Do you drink vitamins regularly? These things help you get well or maintain your health. Take it a step further by thinking of these items and providing them with power as you ingest them by the simple act of praying over them or saying a bit of affirmation as you take them. This reinforces in your mind the many things that assist your body in reaching its most healthy state.
Harnessing the healing power of the mind is all about choosing the best kind of life yourself and doing so on a daily basis, extending it towards the many things that you sustain yourself with, reinforces its power to give you the kind of optimum health you deserve.

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Mind Power Quote by Buddha

To enjoy good health, to bring true happiness to one’s family, to bring peace to all, one must first discipline and control one’s own mind. If a man can control his mind he can find the way to Enlightenment, and all wisdom and virtue will naturally come to him. 

– Buddha

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