Beating Tension and Anxiety With Stress Relief Coloring Pages

Mandala Coloring PatternThe daily life of a  city-dwelling man or woman can often be described as stressful.  From the time they open their eyes when they wake up, until the time they come home from work, stress is a constant companion.  It follows you everywhere like a stealth assassin ready to kill.  And kill it does.

Many of the modern heart related ailments from hypertension to stroke are caused by so much stress. However, efficient as it may be as a killer, stress is very easy to defeat if you have the right weapons against it. Today, you will learn about one such weapon—stress relief coloring pages. 

Not Only for Children

Everyone knows of coloring books as an educational toy for children to develop their creativity—coloring cats pink, dogs as yellow and rabbits as rainbow.  Adults can now use coloring books too as a form of relaxation.  There are many coloring books specifically made for adult users. Usually coloring books for adults has a more serious  theme than can be found on children’s coloring books.  They often have cityscapes, nature scenes and abstract patterns which fits an adult taste. 

Types of Coloring Books for Adults

If you want to try stress relief coloring pages from coloring books, you can choose from variety of styles. There are abstract coloring books, mandala coloring books, nature coloring books and there are even some that contain sketches of famous painting that you can color yourself. Whichever you choose, these coloring books are sure to give you hours of stress-free enjoyment. 

Escape Your Reality for a Moment

The key to stress relief is letting go. Let go of the problems, let go of the hard decisions you have to make, let go and give your body the chance to relax and recuperate.  

Coloring books can get you so absorbed In coloring that you will forget the harsh world even for just a moment-just enough for your body to heal itself. It also gives you a sense of accomplishment if you color these coloring pages beautifully. 

An Active Form of Meditation

You probably heard of meditation, and how it could relieve stress, but you think it is too complicated that only shaolin monks could do it. the truth is, meditation can really be difficult unless  you learn to concentrate and focus willfully.

Coloring books could put on a meditative state without having to sit in the lotus position, even though there are  noises, even when there are other people around. That is because you will automatically focus on the creative pursuit of coloring the drawings in stress relief coloring pages. 

Don’t Let Stress Get Hold of Your Life

There is only one part of your body that stress likes to hold, your neck—to kill you.  Don’t let it stress hold you for a long time because that would cause your body to suffer. Use these coloring pages to destroy stress and give you a relaxed and peaceful mind and a healthy heart. 

My Stress Relief Coloring Pages

My Adult Coloring Books contains stress relief coloring pages, that are something a little different as not only have you got images to color you can also color the inspiring quotes under each image.

Would like to see what the images and quotes look like, easy just click on the videos of each book.

Famous Stress Relief Quotes

Stress Relief Quote by Buddha

Stress Relief Quote by Buddha

Stress Relief Quote by Sara, Los Cerros

Stress Relief Quote by Buddha

Stress Relief Quote from the Seven Books of Wisdom of the Great Path

Stress Relief Quote by Buddha" title="Stress Relief Quote by Buddha

Manadala coloring quote by A.S. Bayatt

Stress Relief Quote by Buddha

Stress Relief Quote by Buddha

Stress Relief Quote by Buddha

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