What Mandala Patterns Mean

Coloring mandala patterns is a new trend that’s not only a great way to spend some quality time with yourself, but also to help you eliminate stress and refresh your mind. If you have already been using mandala and you’re wondering what the mandala actually represent, you can get answers by learning more about the origin of mandala and how it is being used today.

The Origin of Mandala

Mandala is a spiritual and ritual symbol in various religions of India. It means circle in Sanskrit. However, it is not a symbol of any particular God, but a symbol of the vast cosmological system that we are all a part of.

Mandalas represent balance, wholeness, and eternity. Well-known psychologist Carl Jung believed that center of mandalas is a representation of the soul.

Modern Usage of Mandala

Nowadays, there has been a renewed interest in mandala as people discover the amazing effects of designing and coloring mandala patterns on their well-being.

Mandala coloring and designing put you on a meditative state and allow your mind to momentarily escape from the hustle and bustle of the modern world. You will find yourself so focused on coloring your mandala that you give your mind the chance to relax and let your body recuperate by reducing stress.

This is why mandalas appeal to both children and adults. The patterns are not only beautiful to look at, but the symmetry and what it symbolizes have a calming effect on anyone who is looking at mandala drawings.

Mandala Patterns

Mandala usually consist of a big circle, a center point inside the circle and intricate, symmetrical patterns inside and outside the circle. These give your mind the feeling of order and uniformity, which help relax the mind and improve focus.

The patterns also often show elements that can be found in nature, such as flowers, plants, roots, and even creatures.

Coloring the Pattern

mandala patternThe best part about mandala is coloring them. There is no strict rule in coloring mandalas. It’s up to you how you want to make it look. After all, mandala coloring is an expression of your soul, that inner being and the feelings it wants to show the world.

When coloring mandala, just let yourself go, don’t think a lot about it, don’t debate with yourself whether the color of a part should be red. Just color with what you feel is right.

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Famous Mandala Coloring Quotes

Manadala coloring quote by Tom Robbins

Manadala coloring quote by Buddha

Manadala coloring quote by Buddha

Manadala coloring quote by Buddha

Manadala coloring quote by Dr. Sun Wolf

Coloring quote by Dr. SunWolf

Manadala coloring quote by A.S. Bayatt

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