Why Coloring Book for Lawyers Are Great For Killing Stress

mandala coloring patternBeing a lawyer seems like a glamorous job—it is one of the highest paid professions, the title itself makes you command the respect of people around you, and there is always the opportunity to assist people in need of legal help. 

But while being a lawyer is a prestigious career, it is also highly stressful. In fact, a CNN article citing CDC says lawyers rank 4th in suicides by profession. It is not hard to imagine the stress that lawyers go through. Just think about being exposed to conflicts on a regular basis. 

People are depending on their lawyers for properties, compensation claims, custody of their children, and other serious life matters. Lawyers are also known to work long hours, making them prone to workaholism. On top of these stressors, lawyers are also known perfectionists—there is always a lingering fear of failure even when they don’t want to admit it.

Constantly meeting with clients, having to research about a case, being stereotyped as greedy and a shark and having to debate with equally intelligent colleagues drain lawyers of their energy, which leads to an endless cycle of stress. 

Lawyers need a way to de-stress, an activity that wouldn’t take them away from their responsibilities for a long time and something they can do even while at work. Here’s a way to relieve stress that doesn’t take a lot of time or mental effort to do: coloring book for lawyers. 

Stress Relief On-the-Go

The best thing about coloring books for lawyers is they are portable and low-maintenance. You can put it on your briefcase and it won’t take a lot of space. It also does not need batteries.  All you need to enjoy coloring books for lawyers is your free time, some coloring materials and a place where you can color.

Despite of coloring books being maintenance-free and old school,  it can give you enjoyment and relaxation comparable to online games or even Facebook, with the distinct advantage of being able to give you peace of mind and eliminate stress while letting you express creativity. 

Coloring Books: Guilty of Killing Stress

Stress is a killer. Many people around the world die each day because of stress-related illnesses like heart problems, depression, anxiety and many more.  Coloring books relieve stress by taking you away from the stressful world you live in and putting you into a meditative state while you color.

Like a carefree child, you can color pages as you wish. Your mind will have a chance to relax,  your blood pressure will have a chance to lower down and you will have a chance to enjoy being creative.  This is why many successful people and celebrities choose coloring for relaxation because it helps them get through a stressful day. 

Coloring Books: Guilty of Being Affordable

Coloring books don’t cost a lot of money. In fact, you can even get free printable coloring pages online. Coloring books for lawyers are available on online shops and in bookstores in any city. You can just buy one and color without following any rules. Despite being cheap however, the mental and physical benefits you get are enormous.

Coloring books are meditative activity that you can do anywhere and it is a must-have stress reliever for any professional who wants to recharge and ultimately increase their productivity at work. Lawyers, engineers, doctors, and architects can benefit greatly from coloring books because these are a calming activity that doesn’t take a lot of time, effort, and money. 

If you are a lawyer or a professional and you feel your stress level is through the roof, try coloring books for lawyers and get that stress level down before it harms your body. Stress is a toxin that you need to cleanse out of your system. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by using coloring books for lawyers. 

My Inspirational Adult Coloring Books 

My Adult Coloring Books are something a little different as not only have you got images to color you can also color the inspiring quotes under each image.

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Famous Mandala Coloring Quotes

Inspirational quote by Budda

Inspirational quote by Budda

Inspirational quote by Budda

Inspirational quote by Budda

Inspirational quote by Budda

Inspirational quote by Budda

Inspirational quote by Budda

Inspirational quote by Budda

Inspirational quote by Budda

Inspirational quote by Budda

Inspirational quote by Paul Gauguin

Inspirational quote by Allen Klein

Inspirational quote by Neil Gaiman

Inspirational quote by Budda

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