Inspirational Adult Coloring Books

Are You Ready To Come Alive and Relax While Being Creative?


My Adult Coloring Books are something a little different as not only have you got images to color you can also color the inspiring quotes under each image.

Beautiful Quotes With Images To Color

Every page in this book contains amazing art that you can color any way you want.

You can use any coloring material of your choice,

whether it be crayons, ink, acrylics, gel pen, markers, glitter pens, color pencils, water color, or color pen or anything else you can think of.

It’s all up to you.

What is important is that you enjoy each moment and you feel good when you look at the gorgeous artwork you created.

About Mandala

mandala patternSome of the patterns you will be coloring in my adult coloring books are called mandalas.

This abstract art style is said to have stress relieving effects because of its intricate curves and beautifully repetitive patterns.

The word Mandala comes from the Sanskrit language and it means simply “sacred circle.”

But it’s no ordinary circle as it actually contains artful patterns that have been recognized for their healing and therapeutic properties.

Mandala has a spiritual significance and is said to represent wholeness.

It can be seen in paintings, sculpture and architecture in various cultures.

It’s not just an adult coloring book

When you color each mandala in the pages of this book, you are not just coloring, you are making art and going through a process of healing.

This adult coloring book will let you express yourself, calm the mind, and release tension.

The sacred patterns in Mandala can help you forget about the stressful world for a little while, as you are engrossed in a world of beauty.

That’s not all.

Under each Mandala pattern are beautiful quotes from great minds that completes your spiritual experience, these can also be colored in.

You relax and become a little wiser, too.

After you color each page, you will feel fulfillment, relaxation and you will become wiser.

Adult Coloring Book – 50 Mandala
With Quotes About Success

Vol. 1

50 Mandala images with quotes about Success

50 Mandala Stress Relieving
Patterns With Quotes

Vol. 2

50 Mandala images with quotes about Success

How to Color the Pages

As already mentioned, you can use any coloring materials you like.

There are even spare sheets provided in the back of the books that you can tear out and place under the page you are coloring to keep the color from affecting the next page.

This is very useful if you use watercolor or ink.

In a world where stress has become the norm, coloring pictures are like a shelter of calm and peace of mind.

Don’t hurry with each page, enjoy each moment of deciding which colors you want and how to make the patterns beautiful.

Each moment should be cherished and enjoyed.

Experiment with the Colors

Adult coloring book volume 1Don’t be limited to the common red, blue, yellow, and green colors.

Try every shade of each color and see what makes the design really beautiful.

Do your coloring while listening to classical music or any music you like for more relaxation.

Don’t focus on making the pattern ultra-beautiful. Just go for it and enjoy each moment.

Some tips on coloring abstract designs like Mandala, or any other the beautiful images:

  • Symmetry gives order to the final design. This means if you use a certain color in a certain space, it is best to use the same color opposite it.
  • Contrast gives vibrancy to your design. Use colors that contrast each other for spaces that are beside each other.
  • Texture gives the design the feel of depth and reality. It can be achieved by skillfully using contrast and symmetry when you color the patterns.

Benefits of coloring books

Coloring books are not just for children.

That is because creativity does not stop when a person reaches adulthood.

Somehow that creativity if stifled and kept inside will long to get out and when it does, you feel relief and joy.

Advantages of adult coloring books

  • Stress relief – Coloring books gives you a momentary escape from the hustle and bustle of the world.  
  • Outlet for your emotions – Sometimes if you feel angry, you want to do something that can hurt others. Why not release your emotions by coloring pictures instead. It works!
  • Stimulates your brain – Choosing the right colors and finding a beautiful pattern can stimulate your brain and improve logic.
  • Boost your creativity – Being creative is always a plus in any situation you are in. Adult coloring books give you the chance to practice your creativity. 
  • Exercise your fine motor skills.

Think of every page as a creative adventure.

Enjoy yourself by unlocking the creativity within you and unleashing it to make the patterns in this book come to life imbued by your artistry.

Once you have a nice artwork colored, you can take it out of the page and show it to your friends.

You can also frame it if you want and display it in your house.

The best part is, you can enjoy this activity any time of the day, anywhere you are.

I have a huge passion in helping people to move forward, and this is just another way I can pay it forward, by creating these beautiful quotes with coloring pictures that you can enjoy and create.

Adult Coloring Book – 50 Mandala
With Quotes About Success

Vol. 1

50 Mandala images with quotes about Success

50 Mandala Stress Relieving
Patterns With Quotes

Vol. 2

50 Mandala images with quotes about Success

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