Everything There is to Know About the Magic of Mandala Coloring

You must be living under a rock if you have not heard of mandala coloring. With almost every bookstore and online hobby shops selling these bound coloring materials, you will surely have encountered the magical and mystical word that is mandala.

Ready to delve more as to what mandala art is about? Here are some fast facts to get you up to speed and encourage you to discover it yourself:

1. Mandala coloring is another facet of adult coloring.

Mandala and adult coloring are almost always mentioned in the same breath. Mandala coloring is one of the kinds of coloring materials targeted towards adults.

Adult coloring is a big world to tackle and has other images or types such as flowers or forests, animals, landscapes, whimsical shapes, etc. 

2. Mandala is all about the universe.

When you say mandala coloring, chances are, the person who hears it becomes so relaxed even without knowing the word. No wonder since mandala is a Sanskrit word for circle and has deep roots in the amazing world of Hinduism and Buddhist religions, whose designs are believed to represent the cosmos or the universe. Today, it is used as a blanket term to refer geometric symbols and patterns.

3. It can be used for therapy.

Whether it’s something to cure a creativity rut wherein ideas are not just as free flowing or something much deeper such as trauma, mandala coloring is a ready and available therapy session. Art is a way for people to express themselves but of course, not everyone is as gifted in drawing. It’s is a way to let loose, be free, and just be. There are no correct or wrong colors to choose and whichever way the output comes out, it’s all about being able to be in the zone for a time being. 

4. It is a way to mindfulness.

For people who are having a hard time reaching that zen moment during meditation, coloring is another way to go about it. Let’s face it, not everyone can space out with their feet crossed and eyes closed. Some find that they are able to be mindful and meditate in peace while doing something with their hands – something that totally makes mandala coloring the perfect outlet and way to achieve the goal. 

5. It’s a great start off point for other projects.

Once you are done with the artwork, that piece can be a good start off point for other creative pursuits. For example, it can be used as a pattern guide for cross stitch or quilting projects. You can also tear the page of finished colored mandalas, frame them, and hang them on the walls as instant artwork. Better yet, for those who are so in tuned with colors, they can also be sold as art in bazaars and fairs. Aside from being a great outlet, it also can become a source of income to the person who enjoyed coloring it!

No matter what you do with mandala coloring, the result is always magical: it unleashes your creativity, relaxes your body and spirit, and energizes your mind. 

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Famous Coloring Quotes

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