Thought Control And How To Achieve It

Thought Control is so powerful.

Creation is always happening. Every time an individual has a thought, or a prolonged chronic way of thinking they are in the creation process. Something is going to manifest out of those thoughts.

Thought Control, yes the Mind is so Powerful, Thoughts give you wonderful power, control your Thoughts and you have control over your life.

I believe so strongly about the power of the mind, I have walked over hot coals, by holding a fork and using the power of the mind, feeling the heat go through my body into my hand and then twisting that fork, into a mangled mess, yes I do believe in the power of the mind.

I talk a lot about the power of the mind in my book Overcoming Life’s Challenges

In my experience, there are two kinds of people: those who overcome life and those who are overcome by life.

What makes the difference?

You can look at two people from the same town, same school, sometimes from the same family, with equal opportunities, one may succeed while the other one fails.

What’s the difference between this person and that person?

dartTheir thoughts and the power of thought, there thought control.

dartThoughts can be positive or they can be negative.

dartThoughts are a blessing and a curse.

dartYour thoughts are seeds and you reap what you sow.

So what are you thinking about?

Do you fully understand the power of thought control?

All the thoughts you think and entertain in your conscious mind filter down to your subconscious, and that’s where the problem can begin.

Thoughts give you wonderful power -how are you using that thought control?

No one sets out to think negative thoughts, and you can’t help what pops into your head.

But you can help what happens after that.

Whether or not we indulge and entertain negative thoughts is up to us.

If you are so angry at someone that you think of punching them, what do you do?

Do you entertain that thought? Obsess over it in your mind?

Or do you take that thought and put it where it belongs -in the rubbish bin?

Negative thoughts can be stopped and positive thoughts encouraged.

You can control your thoughts and, more to the point, you should control your thoughts.

Just like you can change the topic of conversation when you don’t like what is being talked about, you can change the topic of your thoughts.

Even so, there is a difference between overcoming negative thoughts and repressing negative thoughts. 

dartWhen you are dealing with negativity you want to acknowledge it and analyze it.

dartWhere is it coming from?

dartWhat brought this on?

Work through it logically and then put it away.

Do not try to repress or ignore these thoughts.

Repression and denial can cause many harmful consequences, including unnecessary stress and poor health.

Whether we are inherently an optimist or a pessimist could be determined when we are born.

It could be genetic.

But that doesn’t mean you are helpless to change it, we all have thought control.

How do you overcome negative thoughts and the consequences they bring? 

The novice might think that all you have to do is “think good thoughts.”

And while that’s a start, that’s not the whole picture.

The answer lies in thinking of others, understanding our place in the universe and connecting to something greater than us.

The universe is an orderly place and it is based on love.

We must work to know our place within it; we must give and receive that love.

We must take time to mediate on the needs of others, what we can do to help others and how we can be part of the solution and not part of the problem.

We must work to connect to our higher power, direct our attention to that power and form a ladder so that our thoughts ascend to that power.

Prayer and meditation have been around for thousands of years.


Because it works.

If there was no benefit to be had from mediation, people would have stopped doing it a long time ago.

Now more than ever we need this quiet time to connect with what is real.

We are bombarded by messages of fear, hatred and materialism.

By controlling the power of thought, with thought control, not just for our sake but for the sake of everyone around us, we are united in our effort to make the world better.

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Thought Control Quote

All that you accomplish or fail to accomplish with your life is the direct result of your thoughts.

James Allen

Overcoming Life’s Challenges

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