What to Include in Your Spiritual Healing Prayers

woman prayingWe are living in a frightening world—terrorism, diseases of varying kinds, stress related illness, shootings, crimes and many more are threatening our very lives every single day. Watching the news, especially when there are mass shootings, is enough to fracture our delicate spirits and drive us to paranoia, depression, even psychosis. Every time we step out of our homes, we have this nagging fear on the back of our heads asking whether we can step back inside our houses alive or not.  Such maddening thoughts can drive us to a total nervous breakdown. 

While there is no way we can change the world around us, there is a way to at least ease the fear. Nature has bestowed the power of faith upon us.  Spiritual healing prayers are the way to tap into that power. 

Spiritual Healing

Many people in this age are spiritually broken. We see a lot of people suffering from depression, suffering from grief, suffering from paranoia, suffering from mental breakdowns and suffering from hopelessness. These people need some comfort, some dash of hope and something to hold on to. They can benefit from spiritual healing prayers. 

Modern medicine would want to have us believe that every ailment a human being experiences comes from physical, bodily malfunction. Even  mental problems, emotional problems, grief, anxiety—all originate from the physical body according to medicine.  That is why many doctors and scientists reject the idea of spiritual healing because they think all illnesses are physical. They have limited their vision to only the tangible world, rejecting the fact that there is a spiritual world. 

Spiritual healing prayers are one of the oldest and most ancient ways to fight off many of the spiritual maladies that plague human beings from the prehistoric period until today. Prayer is the expression of faith, the belief that there is a powerful force that can help us in our time of need.  Some of you may scoff at this idea, but the fact is you know what I am talking about. Like when you are scared because you think someone is following you and you feel relief when you find a police, that is how it works, except in a grander scale. 

When you pray, you put your  life in the trust of someone powerful enough even to create the world. Even people who are not religious or has been living as atheist can attest that spiritual healing prayers help calm them, just because of that little percent hope in their minds that there is actually someone powerful out there who can help them when doctors and scientists can’t. Yes there is, in everyone, that little drop of hope for a creator even in the most hardened unbeliever. 

The idea of having someone to trust, someone to believe in is important for human beings because that is the only way we can be positive about our dangerous world. 

One of the causes of depression, paranoia, anxiety and other mental and emotional maladies is fear, which can only be defeated by faith. 

Types of Prayers

There are many different kinds of prayers, which fit different situations and purposes. Supplications, intercessory prayers, prayer for forgiveness , the prayer of binding and loosing, and the prayer of faith. 

1. Supplication prayer

The prayer of supplication is when you humble yourself towards God for his mercy. Supplication is present in all religions. It is the clearest example of the servant-master between God and his follower. In supplication, we ask for mercy despite our weaknesses. When you know someone who is ridden with guilt, you can help ease his spirit with a prayer of supplication. 

2. Intercessory prayer

Intercessory prayer is when you pray not for yourself but for someone who is in dire situation. Basically you are asking for God to intercede with humanly events and divinely intervene for the safety and well-being of another. Again, intercessory prayer is practiced in most monotheistic religion all over the  world. 

3. Spiritual healing Prayers for forgiveness

Sometimes a person feels guilty about something, and it causes his spirit to break. He or she may begin to feel depressed, paranoid, and anxious. You can help the person get the guilt feelings out by helping her say a prayer of forgiveness.

4. The prayer of binding and loosing

The prayer of binding and loosing is a powerful prayer to help someone break free from demonic possessions, hexes, and bad luck. Even if you don’t believe on these things, there may be among your friends who feel they are victims of these maladies. You can ease their minds with a prayer of binding and loosing. 

5. The prayer of commitment

The prayer of commitment is when you commit someone to God so that he or she may be safe from harm. Usually done when a friend is leaving to a dangerous place, the prayer of commitment eases their mind and strengthens their faith. 

Prayer is for everyone

man bows down to pray God before a crossYou may be an atheist, you may be agnostic,  and you may think all these talk about healing power of prayer is questionable, but you can still choose to pray for yourself and for someone simply because it feels good. Inside ever human heart is the need to believe in someone powerful, someone that we can run to when we have nowhere to go. Apart from the supernatural, prayer works because it helps calm a person. It helps a person let go of worries and fears. It gives people the courage to fight. 

There are a lot of things science cab’t explain, despite its claim of being the only source of all knowledge.  The power of prayer and faith is one of those things.  Prayer is free and many people testify to its effectiveness. So if you have a friend whom you think can benefit from your prayer, pray for that person today. Martin Luther King once said, “Pray, and let God worry.” 

Famous Spiritual Healing Prayers

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