How to Use Healing Poems to Feel Better

healing wordsDo healing poems really work? When people hear the word “healing” what usually comes to their minds is modern medicine, and rightly so. Modern medicine is amazing; it has singlehandedly improved the lifespan not only of the human species, but of animal species as well.  However, modern medicine lacks one thing, and that is the ability to heal an aching heart, a wounded soul and fractured spirit. Sadly, there are people who try to use modern medicine to heal their emotional, mental and spiritual problems with devastating consequences.  Healing poems and poetry can do what modern medicines can. 

Brokenhearted people are often looking for means to calm the emotional pain that they feel through medicines like anti-depressants and other similar drugs that affect the brain and are often addictive. These medicines only manipulate your physical body to numb the pain, dampen the emotion and sedate your brain, but do not actually solve the root of the illness, which is emotional, mental or spiritual in nature.  Since these medicines only ease the symptoms and not actually heal emotional pains, those who depend on them for temporary relief will be trapped on using them and even get addicted to them unless the real problem is solved. 

Healing Words 

Words are powerful. Any writer and speaker know that you can use words to either elevate a person or crush them to the ground. You can use words to build someone or use it to destroy them. Healing poems use words to reach the inner sanctum of a person’s being and heal the brokenness within with soothing syllables and meanings that inspire, heal, and encourage the weary soul. 

Only words can reach the human soul and touch it. One of the things you have to understand when you want to console a depressed person is that they usually only need someone to talk to. That is because only through words can one person encourage another. 

These poems are inspirational poetry written by people who have mastered the use of words to create an art of communicating thoughts through imagery, rhythm, sounds and rhymes so that the words become soothing, more powerful and more pleasing to hear.  It has been said that you can compress 5 volumes of self-help books into a single poetry. That could be true, because poetry is pure expression, not instruction.  It directly touches the heart instead of going through the mind first. 

Where Can You Find Healing Poems and Poetry for Free

Healing poems and poetry can be any poetry written either by new poets or by the greats, that inspire, encourage and give hope to people. You can easily find them in your local library and on the internet. If find a poem that warms your heart and makes you feel better about yourself, that is healing poetry. Look for cancer survivors who write poems about their journey. Some popular inspirational authors and thinkers who wrote healing poetry include Louise Hay, James Allen, Rumi, and Toni Morrison.

How to Use Healing Poems and Poetry

If you have found a poem that you think can inspire someone who is languishing in emotional pain, mental anguish and broken spirit, then by all means use it. Below are some awesome ways you can give the healing poetry to someone you care about.

  • Greeting cards often have poetry or poems written on them, but if you want a personal touch, you can make your own greeting card with your chosen poems on it. 
  • Letters is another way to tell someone you care. Sure you can use email, but a letter has a personal touch. 
  • Poetry reading is becoming an in thing nowadays, with people rediscovering the beauty of poems.  You can visit your friends and treat them with an awesome healing poetry reading session. 
  • If you are too far away to read the poetry to someone, you can make a video and either send it to them or upload it on YouTube so they can see it. 

Who Can Benefit From Healing Poems and Poetry

All people can benefit from reading or hearing healing poems and poetry, but some people need it more than others do. Here are some instances when people would greatly appreciate you giving them healing poetry:

  • Brokenhearted people are those who are suffering from a failed relationship or unrequited love.  You would need a poem that shows them that there is a great future ahead of them and it is not the end of the world though it may feel like it is. 
  • People grieving over a death of loved one need comforting, the hurt of knowing that they are never going to see their loved ones again is probably the biggest pain anyone can feel. Religious poems always work well for people of faith in this situation.  
  • Depressed people or people suffering from depression are always on the edge of despair that is why many commit suicide. You can give them poems that show them how beautiful the world is. 
  • People suffering from sickness could also use some healing poetry treatment.  Being sick is depressing, especially if you are confined to a hospital.  You can send them a poem that tells them their pain is not permanent.
  • People who have lost their jobs or have gone bankrupt can be inspired and encouraged to stand again with poetry that deals about overcoming failure. 
  • Anyone who is unhappy, sad and lonely would be happy to read healing poetry from you. 

Are you suffering from emotional pain or mental anguish? Them maybe you also need to read healing poetry instead of using alcohol or drugs to dampen the pain.  Healing poems and poetry are free and they do not have side effects. If you have a friend or a relative or know someone who you think would be blessed to receive healing poetry, then you should send them one. You can find all the healing poetry and poems you need on the internet and you can get them all for free

Famous Healing Poems

Overcoming Life’s Challenges

The Inspiring and Empowering Story of One Woman’s Triumph Over Alcoholism, Bankruptcy, weight issues and Despair.

She did not just struggle to survive. She struggled to win!

If a single sentence could sufficiently describe a lifetime, then this would be an apt description of Moya’s life. From a privileged childhood to adulthood of bankruptcies and subsequent salvation, Moya weathered all storms to be where she is now—a fulfilled woman with a story to tell.


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