Crystal Healing Stones Explained

Crystal stones in a bowlCrystal healing stones – People love crystals because of their exquisite beauty, but many do not know that there is another reason to love these wonders of nature. Crystals have been known of centuries to have the power to heal, with the ancient Egypt as one of of the earliest civilizations to use healing crystals.

Crystal healing stones making a comeback not just for fashion, but for health reasons and many people are attesting to their benefits. Unlike modern medicine, which heals the body physically, healing crystals work with the energy of the human body or chakra to turn it into healing energy that heals many kinds of illnesses.

The Lost Knowledge

Science is great; it has helped make our physical existence easier, more enjoyable, and more comfortable. Science is the study of our physical world and it has done great things especially in the field of medicine. 

However, science can only study what human beings can observe through our senses. But in the past, people believed that there was another dimension to our existence—a spiritual one. There was a time when the study of science goes hand in hand with the study of the spiritual realm. Hundreds of years later, science has convinced our forebearers that there is only one realm, the physical one. The spiritual ream is nonexistent. This belief made science the most powerful force in the world when it comes to knowledge.

Spiritual knowledge is buried underground with very few people studying it. Our modern world has lost a lot of healing knowledge that could have helped us in the topsy-turvy, maddening world we are living in today. Fortunately, there are a few left. Chinese acupuncture is perhaps one of the most popular alternative healing methods available in the world that deals with manipulating the body’s chakra to heal bodily ailments. Then there is also crystal healing.

The Theory Behind Crystal Healing

Crystal healing is based on the knowledge that crystals attract and allow positive healing energy to stream to the body and also serves as a gateway for negative energy that causes illnesses to leave the body.

Crystals have different properties. They present different benefits, from helping you manage stress and become more creative to attracting love, wealth, and peace into your life. Many crystals are known to heal different ailments, including physical, spiritual and mental problems. Based on a person’s birthdate, certain gems are also said to bring a lot of positive energy to the individual.

Ailments Beyond the Body

While we all think of illnesses as bodily problems, many of them actually root from emotional and mental problems. In fact, depression is considered an actual medical condition of the mind that may end in suicide. But because modern medicine based itself on modern science, it tends to treat illnesses of the physically. This is the reason we have anti-depressants, stimulants, mood stabilizers, antipsychotic drugs and other medicines to manipulate the brain to produce chemicals that temporarily treat the symptoms but not the real disease, with devastating consequences.

This dependence on modern science on mental and emotional diseases has been causing a lot of problems Anti-depressants, antipsychotics, mood stabilizers and others  are addictive and  have been known to do more damage than good to people who take them. These medicines are also known to have lots of side effects.

Mental illness needs treatment beyond the physical body; psychological treatment is one of the treatments that work to actually solve the root of mental problems. But it is not the only one, many alternative treatments have shown a lot of promise to actually give  people suffering from mental illness with  a better future—homeopathy, aromatherapy, and healing crystals are said to work as well. 

Crystal Healing Benefits Everyone Regardless of Health Condition

Crystal healing is non-intrusive, affordable way to treat illness by using the positive energy that surrounds us. You don’t even have to be sick to benefit from positive energy. Crystals and their healing properties can help a person not only to be physically and mentally healthy, it can help them in their career, too. 

Popular Healing Crystals

Like celebrities, different crystals also have their fans. While most crystals have varying positive properties, some crystals are more popular than others. Here are 5 of the most popular crystal healing stones in the world.

  1. Turquoise crystal stoneTurquoise for all around positive energy and well being. Turquoise is not only beautiful, but it also emanates an energy that endows  people with protection, wisdom, positive thoughts, balance, courage, friendship, healing, luck, love. 
  2. Amethyst for stress relief. This deep purple crystal endows bearers with clarity of thought, relief from grief, protection, wisdom. It helps reduce stress and keep stress related illness away. 
  3. Topaz can give you clarity of mind. Topaz is perfect for people who undergo some confusing times of their lives.  It endows users with good fortune, communication, wisdom, truth, abundance, honesty, relaxation, forgiveness.
  4. Stay safe with quartz crystal.  This crystal stone offers protection, healing, harmony, energy, clarity, calmness. 
  5. Onyx for courage. Onyx is one crystal that you may not be familiar with, but it is a very powerful crystal that helps endow courage to the people who use them. Support, strength, stamina, protection are some of the properties of Onyx. If you have a friend who needs strength to surpass challenging situations, Onyx is one of the best crystals to give them. Black is a popular color.

More Information About Crystal Healing Stones

If you want to know more about healing crystals such as their properties and the method to use them, all you have to do is search the internet. The rediscovery of this amazing alternative to medicine has spawned a plethora of websites that gives you all the information you could need. You can also find clinics and practitioners that you can make an appointment with if you think you or your loved one can benefit from it. Open your minds to possibilities, there is more to the world than the physical world and science does not have the monopoly to healing. 

Quotes about Crystal Healing Stones

More Quotes about Crystal Healing Stones

Famous Crystal Healing Stones Quote by Garry Hopkins

Enlightenment begins by getting acquainted with your inner voice or your higher self. The dialogue experienced in this process leads to a more comfortable, better-focused lifestyle. Over time this relationship blossoms into a higher and more efficient form of Self-Management. With practice, thoughts, feelings, emotions, and physical manifestations merge into a more harmonious state. This state of being allows for a softer, more gentile approach to life that not only benefits the individual, but the community as a whole.

– Gary Hopkins

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