The Law Of Prosperity

The Law of Prosperity Quote by Confucius

When prosperity comes, do not use all of it.

The law of prosperity is similar to the law of attraction, but with an emphasis on becoming more financially comfortable.

It has been in effect since the beginning of time and it is working in your life right now, whether or not you take notice of it.

In recent years, use of the law of prosperity has become increasingly popular as New Thoughts writers have begun to share the technique of channeling a higher chance at prospering through thoughts with society’s success hungry individuals.

Are you hoping to make a change in your life?

Possibly a change in your current business or the one you plan to start.

Whether you have been working hard at succeeding for years or are just starting out, it is not too late to achieve your goals of prosperity.

When you understand the law of prosperity you can make it work for you.

What the Law of Prosperity is and What it is Not

The law of prosperity is prosperity focused use of mind power to achieve the financial, business and career goals you hold.

It is not wishful thinking or simple hopefulness without any action placed behind it.

It is the coming together of thinking and action.

law symbolIt is putting the kind of thoughts that motivate the works (positive thoughts) behind the plans we have to prosper; because one cannot work without the other.

The law works whether or not you believe in it, constantly creating the life you are living, have lived and the life you will live.

Our Thoughts can make or break us, especially when we are facing the fears that have the potential to hold us back and keep us from meeting our goals.

Because this law works on us and within our lives daily, it is best to learn how to use it to our own advantage.

By nature, we as humans tend to think negatively.

Only by redirecting our thoughts or thinking up new thoughts do we think positively.

Even the most optimistic individuals have battled negative thoughts; they simply learn to block those thoughts and see the positive in each little step forward or back.

When using the law of prosperity, you train your mind to think of what you want as though you have already obtained it.

Once you believe it, you begin to feel and act as though you do and your positivity attracts more positivity into your life.

Using the law doesn’t cost you a dime, it isn’t a get rich quick scheme that you invest tons of money into and then see no pay off.

It’s a simple gift we all hold within us and it is our choice to choose how we will use it.

If you want to start thoughtfully manifesting your prosperity today, all you have to do is look in the mirror and tell yourself 
“I am prosperous!”

Here are a few tips that are vital to effectively using the law of prosperity:

  • Think; but first do so about the things you want. Make sure they are things you truly want and that you can answer the question 
    “Why do I want to do this?”
  • Think again; this time think of the ways in which you could achieve this goal.
    Is it a business you’d be starting?
  • Formulate motivating, positive and present tense Affirmations that pertain to your personal prosperity (or use the ones on my site!)
  • Meditate on your prosperity; visualize the life you want, create a dreamboard for a live visual aid, collect travel brochures for places you’d like to travel, repeat your adopted personal prosperity mantra (or any affirmation that is meaningful to you)
  • Be/Do/Have; keep yourself on track by stopping and looking at your progress.Are you being the person you want to be? Acting as that person would act? You should be; this will enable you to DO the things they do and therefore HAVE the things they have.

Mastering thinking positively and then proceeding to do the things you need to do in order to have what you want and are already expecting to receive is the key.

Mind over Matter

Daily matters occur and sometimes they are not the desired outcomes, but we can either move on and take the positive from them or we can let it get to us so badly that we don’t move on and allow it to eat away at us and our chances of success.

The law of prosperity forces you to focus on the thing you can control – your mind, and how it works.

Not the matter in which you have little to no control in.

When you get less than desirable results, you’ll have to ask yourself these questions:

  • Why did this happen and how can I avoid having it happen again?
  • What have I learned from this?
  • What am I currently doing or what could I begin to do that would allow me to prosper despite that past failure?

After some simple evaluating of the situation, let it go and keep pursuing your goal.

You’ll have learned from your mistakes and taken control of them, using them to your advantage and not the other way around.

When the Law of Prosperity Doesn’t work for You

If you aren’t willing to work long and hard to get what you want, then you probably don’t want it that badly.

Think about it, we often say we don’t have time for things, but what we really mean is we don’t think those things are important enough to make time for.

The same holds true when chasing prosperity.

The means by which we aim to prosper could be all wrong for us personally.

If we don’t want what we are chasing with all our heart, we slow down and eventually drop out of the race altogether.

The reward was not that valuable to us, that’s the simple truth.

Evaluate your reasons for your desires:

  • Do you want this prosperity for someone else but not yourself?
  • Is the business you are in something you don’t feel is for you? There are many ways for us to make a living; it is possible you aren’t motivated because your heart isn’t in your work.

We sometimes grow used to our patterns of living, but staying in those comfort zones will not lead to prosperity.

The law of prosperity works for those who truly desire change in their lives and it knows if we truly do, because it draws on our own minds.

The Law of Prosperity Quote by Benny Hinn

I feel terrible that I once put too much emphasis on material prosperity.

Benny Hinn

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