How To Have A Prosperity Mind

How To Have A Prosperity Mind by Sa’di (Musharrif-uddin)

A man is insensible to the relish of prosperity ’til he has tasted adversity.

smileysHaving a prosperity mind takes commitment and effort, but anyone who has a mind at all can change it into one that provides lavishly for them!

Do you want to know the “secret to success”?

Well, it’s within you!

Your mind holds more power than you know.

If you have not been getting what you had hoped for out of life (your business, home and family life, etc) then it has undoubtedly affected the way you see yourself.

Maybe things have gotten to a point where you think you can’t put things right – and if you continue to think this way, they’ll stay the same.

Chances are, you have given up and stopped trying to make the necessary changes.

We get what we put in, so roll up your sleeves and start working on your life again.

How can you begin bettering your circumstances?

Having a prosperity mind will work wonders; it makes more than half the difference in any situation.

Have a Focus Point

– Our lives are busy.

The world we live in is busy.

Everyone is trying to get someplace and they’re in a hurry to get there.

Sometimes they don’t know where that place is, which can create even more chaos.

Often, we rush to get somewhere we aren’t even sure we want to go or why, or we are trying to get to a number of places at once.

Then we end up stuck and get nowhere.

It’s great to have dreams, you can have as many as you want and you can even turn each one into your reality; but you will get more accomplished when you get organized, create a plan and determine the order in which you want to accomplish each of your goals.

Which is of the greatest importance to you? Do they connect to each other in some way?

Once you know which goal you want to pursue first you’ll have found a focus point.

A single dream to chase, and with your eye (and your prosperity mind) on the prize, you’ll better your chances of catching hold of it.

Be Ready to React

– Don’t dwell on your lack of prosperity; instead, think up ways in which you can change your situation.

Anyone who decides to travel the road to success can expect to encounter obstacles, or as I call them brick walls.

How you tackle them is up to you.

Most of those obstacles are all in your mind. In fact, the first obstacle blocking your prosperity is before you right this moment.

It’s the fear and doubt and possibly the haunting past failures that are stopping you from pursuing the prosperity you long to obtain.

What is the best weapon we have against these obstacles?

We can fight them off with positive thoughts.

Remember that you are as equipped to tackle negative thinking as you believe you are!

Have that Prosperity Mind

Managing Your Mental Bank Account

– Imagine that your mind is a personal bank account.

You deposit thoughts into your “mental bank account” and you’ll naturally make withdrawals from time to time.

In fact, you’ll make withdrawals every few moments of your day!

So, what kinds of thoughts do you deposit into your bank account?

These are the things you have heard the most or convinced yourself of the most.

You can only withdrawal what you put into your account, right?

Be sure that you are only depositing prosperous thoughts so you can withdrawal them as needed.

When you are feeling a bit “broke” (or unmotivated) you can affirm yourself with the use of these thoughts.

As this is how the Prosperity Mind works

Making the Most of Affirmations

– Affirmations are simple statements that do miraculous wonders to your self-worth and productivity.

You can find all types of affirmations that pertain to every aspect of life.

You can also create your own.

Or check out some of my Affirmations are extremely helpful in changing our thinking. 

The main idea behind affirmations is keeping a prosperity mind.

Hearing words repeatedly, especially spoken words, causes them to sink into our souls.

That’s why affirmations are so powerful.

You must choose your words carefully when writing them up to make them most affective.

Here are a few tips on making the most of your affirmations:

Good Affirmations …

  • Are written in present form
  • Have no conditions, but are precise
  • Are simple and easy to memorize
  • Declare intentions in a “starting now” way (for example, “I will be prosperous” would become “I am prosperous!”
  • Are perfectly positive

Remember What Works (And Repeat)

-When you begin renovating your old mind into a prosperity mind you’ll need plenty of help along the way (like the resources provided to you in this article).

You will find that some things work better for you than others and that is just great.

In fact, that is a great discovery.

Once you start seeing a change in your life, you’ll want to keep it going and you’ll know how to do just that.

Which affirmations affected you the most?

Adopt new ones as you please, but if you find one particularly uplifting, stick with it!

Make it your personal mantra.

Continue to perform the actions that go along with that affirmation and watch your life become even more prosperous!

Note Negativity and Get Rid of It

– We’ve already discussed how negative thoughts can be detrimental to having a prosperity mind, but there are many other aspects of negativity.

Our own thoughts are powerful, but no matter how hard we try we can’t be completely unaffected by the negativity around us.

What kinds of negativity surround your life?

Are there negative friends, colleagues or family members?

Do you have addictions that could hold you back from your success?

Make note of the negativity you face each day and figure out the best ways to deal with it.

Maybe getting rid of those people in your life isn’t feasible, but choosing not to share too much with them is.

It’s all for the sake of your prosperity.

Forget about the Failure’s of Yesterday

– Our past failures can either completely defeat us or leave us craving the opportunity to compete again and finally conquer that which we first failed.

For most people, a failure stays just that.

They get discouraged and think “If I couldn’t get it right the first time, why try again?”

A great reason to try again is because it was something you truly wanted.

If your happiness depends in any part on meeting that goal, then take another go at it!

Forget the past and focus on the now.

Now is your second chance.

In my book,Overcoming Life’s Challenges I talk about the continual brick walls that I have encounted throughout my life, and now how I welcome those brick walls because when I break through them I am moving forward, I am learning and how great it feels when you do.

Having a prosperity mind takes commitment and effort, but anyone who has a mind at all can change it into one that provides lavishly for them!

How To Have A Prosperity Mind By Dr Wayne Dyer

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