Manifesting Prosperity

Manifestion Prosperity Quote By Wayne Dyer

Within you is the divine capacity to manifest and attract all that you need or desire.

Manifesting prosperity is easy once you consider what it is in your life that you wish to see prosper.

For many people, wealth is of great importance and although prosperity is the condition of prospering in any area of life it has over time come to be thought of in terms of financial well being.

What does it mean to you to be prosperous?

That’s what you must figure out first.

Like most anything, knowing what you want will help you get what you want out of life.

Is your business not thriving as it once was or has it never even gotten off of the ground?

Are you socially awkward and wishing you went out on more dates or simply had more friends?

You can make these wishes come true, without the assistance of any “fairy godmothers” when you begin manifesting prosperity.

Here are some tips to help get you on your way down the path towards the land of the prosperous.

  • What Does it Mean to Manifest? – If you looked up the definition of manifest you’d learn that it meant to be evidence of, to prove something beyond a reasonable doubt. 

It is apparent either by sight or mind and often it is tangible in one way or another. 

So, what do you see when you look at the world around you? 

At yourself? 

At the business you started or want to start or any other aspect of your life? 

Do you see success? 

If you don’t, no worries. 

That’s what I’m here to help with. 

The only way to truly fail is to quit, so don’t give up! 

Remember I talk about the brick walls that keep coming up, it can be exhausting every time you have to break through them. 

But remember once you have broken through it, you are a little closer to what you want and not only that you have learnt so much more. 

So welcome the brick walls, yes it is a test to see how strong you are, but once knocked down, you are on your way to your dreams. 

Begin to use the simple formula of Be/Do/Have and you’ll begin manifesting prosperity.

  • Be/Do/Have and How it Works – For such a simple formula to success, many a good intentioned individual has failed to live by it and to reap its benefits. 

You must begin to act as if you are already who you want to be. 

To feel and speak as if you were that person and live as closely as possible to your idea of what that person’s life would be like.

Whatever you don’t like about yourself, your business, or your life in general should be adjusted. 

Work to be the person you want to be, and then you will become that person; it will be a very natural thing.

  • Being the person you want to be (even if only in your head) means doing the things that kind of person would do.

Are you naturally shy but want to talk to women or men and make connections? 

Then take a deep breath the next time the opportunity presents itself and talk to that handsome young man or gorgeous lady and take a chance! 

Are you afraid to take on new business ventures? 

Make a commitment to a particular business plan and start laying down the foundation. 

Research what it takes for you to start the business and learn all you can, then dive in! 

If you never take chances nothing will change in your life. 

You will stay stuck in a rut and that is certainly not what manifesting prosperity is all about. 

The first attempts at changing the way you think, act, and what you do will not feel very natural because they aren’t. 

That’s normal. You are training your mind to work for you. 

After a while these things will become more natural. 

You will really mean and feel and believe in what you are saying and doing.  

You will no longer be trying to become that person you desire to be – you will be that person! 

Now, what are the rewards of being that person? 

Why, the third part of the formula, of course! There’s a saying, that we use to say in Nutrimetics fake it till you make it. 

You will have made it. 

You will be the person you were working on becoming and doing the things that person would choose to do (and doing them naturally) and as a result, you will have the things that person has. 

Maybe it’s a booming business, dates every weekend or plenty of friends to keep you company (or all three!), whatever it is that your heart desired will have become parts of your life. 

Manifesting prosperity in your life is as easy as those three steps. 

Adopt Be-Do-Have as your personal mantra; write it out and repeat it often to remind yourself of your focus. 

You’ll get the order of Manifesting Prosperity down pat when you do.

  • Expect and Accept the Best – Do you sit around and wait for something to happen in your life?

Well, surely something will come at some time, but it may not be what you wanted and you may not know how to handle it. 

Be prepared for, expecting and ready to accept the best. 

Only the best. 

You’ll be prepared for it when you work diligently at living the life of a Be-Do-Have individual. 

You’ll already have put the work in, and you are expecting the rewards. 

You have claimed them in your heart and mind, so when they show up it is no surprise to you – you deserve it! 

The best doesn’t necessarily have to be some huge amount of money or finding the love of your life. 

Sometimes it’s just the best thing for you at that period in time. 

Evaluate new situations and opportunities as they come your way and determine whether or not they are right for you and will be stepping stones to the places you want to go. 

Finally, manifesting prosperity and the amount that is manifested is entirely up to you. 

Know that you can do all things and that no one can truly stand in your way but you. 

There is no higher power working against you, as those around you may seem to be. 

Imagine your success and believe you will have that success with all your heart…and soon enough you will! 

To help you on your way, here are some Affirmations

Manifesting Prosperity Quote by Wayne Dyer

When I chased after money, I never had enough. When I got my life on purpose and focused on giving of myself and everything that arrived into my life, then I was prosperous.

Wayne Dyer

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