How To Create A Definition Of Prosperity

When creating a Definition of Prosperity focus on what you want in the Positive and leave out the negative.

The old adage “be careful what you wish for because you just might get it” immediately comes to mind.

The first thing to remember is not to create a Definition of Prosperity that is full what you don’t want.

When you go a restaurant, do you tell the waiter what you don’t want?

Of course not.

Every time you fear something, and perhaps even obsess over it, you’re sending that energy out to the universe. Thought Vibration

The irony is, that this will pull what you’re focusing on NOT having even closer to you.

Have you ever known someone whose worst fears always came true?

He was always afraid of losing his job – and one day he was let go from his company for seemingly no reason.

She always feared her husband would leave her for someone else – and then he did.

When negative thoughts are allowed to run free, energy will soon follow.

We can usually see this pattern in other people’s lives more readily than our own.

So, when creating a Definition of Prosperity focus on what you want in the positive – leave the negative out.

Do not think, “I need a new car because this old hunk of junk is going to leave me stranded one day soon.”

Instead, focus on what you want, remove the “need” or “why” you want it, just focus.

Leave negative thoughts out of the equation.

Concentrate on “what” and not “why.”

It’s a fine line, but it makes all the difference.

In my book Overcoming Life’s Challenges

I describe how I visualized a car I was striving to attain. I had a photo of the car and I looked at it all the time. Looking at it made me believe it was already mine. It made me feel calm when I looked at it. I was driving a bomb at the time, but to me, it was the new car I wanted.

In my mind, I already had it. No muss, no fuss, no worrying about how much longer the old car would run, because I knew I wouldn’t have it much longer.

And sure enough, the car became mine. Thought Control

This is an instance on focusing on a very specific goal, but I could not have achieved it if I didn’t already lay the groundwork by developing a more positive attitude through self-improvement. Self Improvement Resources.

When you think about your Definition of Prosperity instead of focusing on material things, concentrate on how prosperity feels.

What does it feel like to be prosperous?

We’ve all heard tales of people who were filthy rich and miserable.

They had all the money and yet they did not feel prosperous.


Is there something that’s keeping you from feeling prosperous?

Set aside time to work on your Definition of Prosperity and how it would feel if you attained those goals, whatever they may be.

If you want to focus on money, instead of visualizing a pile of money or a bank statement with a huge balance, focus on the feeling you would get from those things.

How would it be different than what you’re feeling now?

If you had enough money, you’d feel secure, free, confident, and charitable towards others.

Focus on feeling that way now. Create the feeling; the reality will soon follow.

If you seek love or a stronger relationship, focus on feeling loved, adored, and cherished as well as loving and adoring someone else.

Focus on “feeling” first.

Get yourself into that feeling state in your imagination before you start getting specific or focusing on “things.”

If you don’t have the right feelings, you won’t appreciate those things when and if they do arrive.

Things cannot make you happy.

Your Definition of Prosperity must first start with positive thoughts and feelings, otherwise abundance will continue to allude you.

Law Of Success In 16 Lessons over 1000 pages, will give you the tools of Self Mastery. Law Of Success In 16 Lessons.

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Overcoming Life’s Challenges

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